Tribute to my Uncle


Although my uncle he was lovingly called as Krishnettan or Krishnoppa (meaning Krishnan Brother in Malayalam).
Photo Courtesy: Sreehari Attoor

My dear Krishnettan,

When I got the news, I felt just moments before you entered the kitchen to have your breakfast. From the time you left after breakfast and till the time I got the news, so many things happened- we grew up, got educated, settled in our jobs, made families, you all aged………..Oh my! So many things, so many changes! However, amidst all this, one thing stayed on- the bond of love. We all grew up loving and caring each other- the love and care- taught by you.

I know you would be surprised, but the thing I remember the most is your devotion towards your mother and uncle (by grandfather). You visited the doctor one day in your mundu (loin cloth/ dhoti) and thorthu mundu (towel to cover the upper part of the body) instead of a shirt just so that your mother does not worry unnecessarily. This incident did leave an ever-lasting impression in my heart.

This is what I can gather about you in a nutshell:

Seems like just yesterday,

That I was enchanted by your smiles…..


Today you are far far away-

Don’t know how many miles.

Your twinkling eyes, your husky voice,

Your little snores, the beedi vice

Your deep love, the hot temper


The things I most remember.

With all the love

I know, high above

You are flying on The Dove


Watching all whom you adore.


About writingsfromira

A writer with a deep set passion for playing with words. Words are like beads which when threaded together make a beautiful necklace that need careful handling.
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